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FileHandle - Class in jfilesyslib.data
Represents a file handle.
FileHandle(String) - Constructor for class jfilesyslib.data.FileHandle
Creates a new FileHandle object
FileHandle(String, Object) - Constructor for class jfilesyslib.data.FileHandle
Creates a new FileHandle object
FileInfo - Class in jfilesyslib.data
This class should be used to model files
FileInfo(String, long) - Constructor for class jfilesyslib.data.FileInfo
Creates a new FileInfo object.
FileSystem - Class in jfilesyslib
Inherit from this class in order to get a basic, minimal file system.
FileSystem() - Constructor for class jfilesyslib.FileSystem
FileSystemUtils - Class in jfilesyslib.utils
Contains some file system utilities to write/read files directly on the file system
flush(FileHandle) - Method in class jfilesyslib.FileSystem
Should write all pending data in the cache.
flush(FileHandle) - Method in class jfilesyslib.filesystems.CachingFs
flush(FileHandle) - Method in class jfilesyslib.filesystems.ExtendedSupportFs
flush(FileHandle) - Method in class jfilesyslib.filesystems.LoggingFs
flush(FileHandle) - Method in class jfilesyslib.filesystems.MemoryFs
flush(FileHandle) - Method in class jfilesyslib.filesystems.MergeDirectlyFs
flush(FileHandle) - Method in class jfilesyslib.filesystems.MirrorFs
flush() - Method in class jfilesyslib.utils.MemoryStream
Flushes the stream (no effect)
FullFileSystem - Class in jfilesyslib
This abstract class lets you implement every file system feature.
FullFileSystem() - Constructor for class jfilesyslib.FullFileSystem